Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Master Excel: Circuit Sensation!!

This workout has a lot of different exercises and went wonderfully quickly. The first half is weight training while the other half is cardio. I have written the weights I used - feel free to adapt to your personal level. Weight should be on the heavier side. Enjoy!

Circuit 1:
This circuit is made up of 3 stations with 3 workouts each. Do 30 seconds of each exercise in the set, take 30 seconds break, and repeat 3 stations a 2nd time. Then move to next set.

Set 1 :: {30 seconds each continuously}
Bent-over rows with Kettle bells (2 x 20lbs)
Up-right rows with resistance bands
Bent-over Chest flies (2 x 8-10lbs)

Take 30 seconds rest and repeat Set 1. Then continue to Set 2.

Set 2 :: {30 seconds each continuously}
Weight Ball slams (20lbs)
Rotating weight ball slams, alternating right and left (20lbs)
Bent-over weight ball chest Slams (20lbs)

Take 30 seconds rest and repeat Set 2. Then continue to Set 3.

Set 3 :: {30 seconds each continuously}
Chest press on fitness ball (2 x 20lbs)
Standing Shoulder press (use jump if too challenging, 2 x 20lbs)
Front standing strait-arm up-downs (20lb)

Take 30 seconds rest and repeat Set 3. Then continue to abs and cardio.

60 seconds of plank knee-ups
10 Ninja rolls

Cardio circuit 1 :: {30 seconds each, alternate 10 times}Wall runs (keep knees high while running at angle at wall)
Wall sits (keep feet under knees and remember to breathe)

Cardio circuit 2 :: {60 sec each, twice through each; 1st / 2nd}Sprint in-outs (1st cw, 2nd ccw)
Squats / Squat holds
Plank-holds / Plank knee-ups

Shuffles (1st lead with left, 2nd lead with right)
Lunge dips (1st with left, 2nd with right)
Scissor star kicks / russian twists

Cardio circuit 3 :: {Repeat 6 times}Mountain climbers for 30secs, release into sprint for 25 yds

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