Saturday, February 18, 2012

And We're Off....!

Yes, this isn't officially my first blog post. You got me! Last year I was going to start this blog so I got it all set up, posted 3 workouts, and changed my mind. I'm a woman - like I told my boyfriend Chad, "we do those things."

So, the first of a few posts, this has been an evolution! What to call my blog? I started with and actually bought the domain. Turns out I liked the blogger interface better than the wordpress I had started with. Mainly because of the price - it was costing a bit more to create a custom blog, which I eventually would like to be able to do without having to pay for it. I couldn't figure out how to transfer the domain, so let's pick a different name, shall we! It's not really about the blogging anyways, it's about what I'm going to be doing, right?

So evolved c.jane.create - great name right? TAKEN! By another very talented chica. I feel I should have a right to the name since my name is actually Jane ;) Oh well - I'm not JUST going to be creating anyways so back to the drawing board.

So, here we are! No, not doh, as Chad commented... I knew he wouldn't be thrilled by it - but it's true! This is going to be a log of everything I'm doing! Yay - I'm so excited to share what I'm working on and where I'm going and what I'm DOING. Hopefully my passions and experiences will be infectious and inspire you to do the same!

As a fellow 'do-er' I have to warn you, I'm not perfect. Many of my projects end in defeat, but here's to pillaging forward and learning anyways! So, I won't sugarcoat the failures - hopefully have a good laugh. Cheers!

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