Saturday, February 18, 2012

Morning Surprise

One of Madison's favorite places!
Chad is a particular guy. He likes his sleep! Typically I'm the one tip-toeing around while he snoozes in the mornings. This particular Saturday was quite a bit unique. The rooster must have crowed at 5:50 am  because Chad was up-and-at-em before the sun even said good morning! Plus, he was ambitious and chipper - something he doesn't usually achieve until about 10am.

What to do at 6 in the morning? He recommended going to Barns and Noble. "Do you know what actually is open at 6am on a Saturday?" I chuckle. "So, want to work out?" he says. We don't belong to the same gym unfortunately, so this isn't something we can do until the weather gets a bit warmer. How about breakfast?

I'm someone who wakes up and says, "what are we going to eat?" Chad is the opposite - he needs time to gather an appetite. I just can't relate. This morning is weird, though. Did we switch appetites? He was actually hungry while I was still up for snoozing a bit, but for me an adventure always trumps sleep!

Off we go to join the local early birds! There's something special about being up before everyone else. Everything is so still. It feels like you've won some special surprise when you can witness the sun rise. This particular morning is especially great given our weather - it has been amazingly mild for a February in Wisconsin! Plus, we've been spoiled by all the Sun we've had.

If you've never been to Mickies Dairy Bar, I definitely recommend it! The decor is old-school, greasy-spoon but the atmosphere is just special. Typically, it's jam packed and you have to finagle their "first-come-first-grab-a-seat" policy. Game days are especially crazy but definitely worth it. Why? The food is excessive and amazing. It's all badger with red molding and antique signage. Where else can you see a female Bucky with some cleave!

Check out that Bucky :)
We walked in and the place was emptier than we've ever seen it. We could pick out a booth with ease when usually we are crammed in the middle of a table with the other hungry locals. I got my typical scrambler with sausage (I'm in love with eggs, which I'm sure I'll describe in detail at a later date) while Chad got his favorite: chili-cheese omelet. Coffee's all around! The food was especially fast and didn't disappoint in quality or size. We barely made a dent so we'll be set for breakfasts for a few days.
I've never seen this place this empty.

Chili-Cheese Omelet
Chad looking pretty good for 6:30am
I look a bit more rough. Ok, a LOT more rough.

It's gems like this that make me appreciate living in a cool place like Madison. As we left, I gazed right to see the sun rising on Camp Randall - Badger mecca. It's so strange to see it standing proud but serene and quiet. Definitely going to work out today! And get lots done - it's the benefit of getting up so early (probably will squeeze in a nap as well). This will go down in history as a pretty good memory with my honey.


  1. Jane, nice job on your new blog. Sounds like Chad takes after his Dad in the morning.

  2. an alien must have invaded chad that day ;)


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