Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday :: Clearance Calendars

I'm thrilled to announce the first of many Tidbit Tuesdays! Here begins my soundboard for all those little details in my life; things in my apartment that I love, tips that I've picked up, or secrets around town that I think everyone should know about. It is just something little, fun, cute, easy and/or feel-good!

Favorite images above my desk in my bedroom.

Today I want to post about the images that are currently in my bedroom. They are one of my favorite things on my walls because they were simple, cheap, and I love them more and more every time I look at them! Best part? They probably ran me about $50! The source? Borders and Ikea.

Borders? (I'm verklempt…) I'm still mourning the loss of the Borders bookstores. Many an afternoon have I spent time flipping through design books while sipping on a coffee and working on a design project on my laptop. One of my favorite parts of Borders was their calendar collection. They were pretty pricey, but not the day after New Years!

Every new year, I made the treck to check out the Borders clearance calendars. I believe I got this one for about $4, 8 years ago. It featured amazing replica lithographs from France and Italy on high-quality, textured cover-stock - such a deal! I know it's not always good pickings after the beginning of the year, but Borders used to have quite a selection - even for their clearance (tear!)

These frames rock - matte was included!

I use these calendars for the year, of course, but then store them in my collection. Through the years I have accumulated amazing images for projects, inspiration, and filling frames. 

Being in Madison, Ikea isn't easily available so when I DO get near one - I have a field day! Their frames department is one of my favorites - I love the quality they provide for such a reasonable price! I think I paid $15 for each frame? Score!

So, here are my favorites. I love the vibrant colors and get inspired by their simplicity. These weren't created on a computer (at least the originals!) I love anything that shows a piece of history with printing and design! Don't even get me started with typography... that's for another Tidbit Tuesday :)

Scooters, Umbrellas, and Beer - fun! Things in multiples of 3 are my fav.

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