Saturday, March 3, 2012

Egg Quesadillas!

Last night was a rough night of sleep! It snowed and we now have about 6 inches blanketing everything. It's beautiful, but in my old house it's tough sleeping through the loud noises of the plows and people shoveling outside. I can't complain - I don't have to partake in the snow-removal, but the favorite time for my driveway to get cleared is about 4:30-5:30am. This makes for a pretty slow start to the next morning and little desire to make anything too difficult for breakfast.

It's a beautiful sight this Saturday morning!
I've mentioned before my love of eggs... they are the greatest! Like a good hooker: they are cheap, easy, tasty, flexible, and very satisfying (haha)! Today I'm winging a recipe I've never tried, but it snowed last night so I'm limited with what I've got since I have no desire to get outside! Last night's dinner was chicken tacos so homemade guacamole, tortillas, and greek yogurt are left over.

Here are about the easiest ingredients you can grab for a easy breakfast!
I think my newest food love has to be greek yogurt. Sour cream is something that you really can't live without for tacos and dips, but I'm so grateful that there is a similar substitute while I'm trying to eat a bit healthier. Not one for dieting… I try to make little changes here-and-there, and the fact that I can have loads more dip without the loads of calories thrills me!

The coffee today is a seasonal holiday blend that I haven't gotten to try yet. I usually make coffee for myself in a french-press, but Chad isn't so much a fan. For the last 6 months I've been driving around with a small coffee pot that I earned from selling Mary Kay, that I just haven't got around to get into my apartment yet. It's funny how those littlest of tasks are there but never quite get done! My car has turned into a black hole for random stuff that I haven't taken the time to bring into my apartment. Since storage is limited… and I hate cleaning my car out in the winter, things tend to accumulate in my large trunk.
Nice and hot, in my favorite mug.
Anyways… back to the coffee! It's a "smooth and balanced blend with notes of cherries and nuts followed by a lingering chocolate finish" that is from Stone Creek Coffee Roasters. My new little coffee pot didn't make much in quantity for Chad and I, but the way he brewed it… it was definitely full of quality. I'm pretty wired, even now, which is about 6 hours and counting! I even went to target and was so jittery, that I was afraid I was going to trip or fall over… guess I can't handle that my caffeine. :)

So here are some images of my successful egg quesadillas! Chad and I split the one 4-egged quesadilla. I think next time I would cook 6 eggs and make 2 full quesadillas. Maybe even add some meat like spicy sausage or crushed bacon, if I have some on-hand. I have to say, the best part (if you like spicy) is the sriracha sauce! Enjoy!
Scrambled eggs are done. Tip - Scramble eggs with water!
My mom taught me to scramble with milk,
but I like the consistency and color with a little bit of water better.
I feel so spoiled having a gas stove. It's definitely the best way to cook!
Add eggs, sriracha sauce, and cheese, then cover with 2nd tortilla.
Flip! Isn't this little stove the cutest?
Cut with a pizza cutter. Yay! The sun is coming out!
It's great to get so much color on the plate for breakfast!
That's something I always have a tough time with in the morning.
Comfy morning in my robe, with my awesome apron, and slipper-boots.
It's so nice to actually be home during the daylight!

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