Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bloglovin: time-saver for those time-wasters

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Do you have multiple blogs you follow? I try, but am overwhelmed by how many there are out there. While searching ideas and things to add to my blog, I came across "bloglovin". It's a really nice page that allows you to set-up an account to get a quick-view of all the blogs you like to read without actually having to bookmark and go to all the separate sites. It posts current posts for you to breeze through and mark once read - a very nice feature. You can also categorize each type of blog. This is convenient for those larger blogs (ie. apartment therapy) that seem to take over views from other blog posts because they have like 20 posts each day. I have one group category for these types of blogs.

I hope you find this useful - I know I have! It also comes in handy for easily pinning new ideas on Pinterest instead of always repining! Don't know what Pinterest is? You need to get an invite asap! It's one of the best inventions and  a great way to organize ideas and anything visual you find online. I hope to do many of the "Pinspired" projects in the next couple weeks, so get excited for what's to come! But, beware - you can waste many hours rummaging through all the posts!

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