Monday, March 26, 2012

Running for the non-runners

Throughout my life, I've been athletic. I was fortunate to have parents who put me in everything and I loved it all. From swim lessons to soccer games, softball and t-ball, volleyball, tennis, and golf; I seem to have a bit of ability in each sport which drove me to continue to go back and helped grow my love of being a part of a team.

I gave everything up in college, burnt out from the constant practices and desire to have my own free time. It only took a few years of laziness to find how much I missed the physical activity and the team support that I had grown up with.

One thing was true growing up - I hated running. I refused to get out unless there was a ball in front of me. Now, being an adult, I still continue to be on teams. I am blessed to be a part of a gym that specializes in group workouts. It is the most supportive and encouraging environment that I believe anyone can put themselves in. For those days when all you want to do is roll over and stay in your nice warm bed, Horizon Fitness has been my workout family that gets me up in the morning before work. They provide so many classes so there is no excuse to keep you from heading to the gym.

But, in my older age, I've come to start to enjoy running more and more. Not the actual activity - it doesn't seem to get easier. But I get addicted to its efficiency and the sense of accomplishment that comes after each run. Also, the gratitude it brings that I am able to do it when so many others cannot or have injury from it.

For the last 4 years I have 2 rituals that I've kept consistent on. The Chicago Shamrock Shuffle and Madison Crazylegs. Both are 8k runs that help get me motivated to get out and running. I typically don't get many runs in before the Shamrock, but it's a good awakening for the work I need to do to prepare for the Crazylegs.

Heading towards the start of the race.

The start line is in view!!! Right by the art museum, one of my favorites.

Waiting to get to the front of the line - is it really March?

About mile four with forty thousand of my closest friends.

This year was one of the best Shamrocks. The first few years I did the race we endured below freezing temperatures and blizzard snowfall, but this year it was shorts and t-shirt all the way, baby! No excuses! So run we did and enjoyed the after-party that much more! If you've never ran in a race with forty thousand people, it's definitely an experience to be had on everyone's bucket list.

Great day for a celebration
The clouds decided to clear and we hung out for ours in Grant Park enjoying the sun. 

Chad and I in front of the fountain. Can't wait until there's water in it. I'm so glad we did this together!
Perfect day for a run and to be outside!


  1. Thats a great picture of you and Chad my the fountain. It makes my bro look so romantic ;o

    Chad love the shirt too, global cooling thats awesome

  2. He does have his romantic moments. I thought he was smiling for the camera! Little did I know... ;)


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