Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday :: Beware of the Guard Bunny

This picture was difficult to get! I didn't want to startle Peter.

I have a special neighbor who I've come to have a fond relationship with. It's my guard bunny. I like to call him "Peter", and see him quite frequently when I walk from my front door to my car. I like to think that he's not afraid of me - I try not to startle or chase him off whenever I pass. He brings me comfort knowing he hangs around so much. I probably would think differently if I had flowers that he could eat, but I'll leave that resentment for when I actually own the house. For now, he's a nice neighbor to have, and I hope to see him more in the summer months.

Here is a zoomed-in version on the iphone. I'll have to work to get a better shot this summer.

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