Saturday, March 17, 2012

Windows are for seeing out of, right?

4 nasty window panes on the top and the screen on the bottom.
I can't believe I've been staring at this grossness for the past 8 months!
This weekend is full of mixed emotions! I have one job to do - get my taxes done, but the weather is so unbelievably gorgeous for March in Wisconsin. We are averaging temps in the mid 70s, which is incredible for this time of year. Unfortunately, I am on lock-down in my apartment until I have my taxes done because come hell or high water (or great weather) I'm going to get the dreaded return submitted!!!

Of course, because I'm forcing myself to stay in until I've done the necessary work, I have the impulsion to clean! Another favorite procrastination of mine! Evidently I'd rather clean my entire house instead of weeding through receipts and filling out paperwork! But, I'm being good. I'm ONLY going to let myself clean one major thing before starting, and it's decidedly my kitchen window. This window is a disaster! It's full of chipped paint and looks awful. I bet it hasn't been cleaned in 10 years from the looks of it - it's truly disgusting! So, at least something good comes from me putting off the actual task-at-hand!

It's funny how when you HAVE to do a job or project, you are immediately inspired to work on those other little jobs that you've been putting off that aren't nearly as bad as the ultimate project!!! In college I would go to lecture and suddenly have so much focus to write the paper for a different class that I'd been putting off. Why do these moments of deadline and limitation make us suddenly feel so motivated? Why, when we have oodles of time, do we not take advantage of those back-burner jobs only to leave them for when we have so many other things that we should be doing? C'est la vie, Such is life! At least I'm getting something done, right?!

My inventory, reports and travel log are again delayed! So here I am, enjoying the warm cross-breeze now able to come into my apartment since it's been so warm! The window cleaning took a good 2 hours once all was said and done. It's still not as good as I'd like it, but the before and after images are quite satisfying. Although, through this process I seemed to have destroyed my shower; I now have these lovely dark marks on the white tub that were left behind by my screen and storm windows. Another project to do - cleaning my bathroom? Not today! It's tax time.... wish me luck! It is St. Patty's day after all. Do you think I can drink green beer while doing my taxes? ;)

PS - if you're reading this and you've already done your taxes, GET OUTSIDE! It's AMAZING!

Here are some tips that I learned from cleaning:
• Use Dawn soap and hot water to clean and scrub with a brush.
• Use a squeegee - it is what allows you to NOT have streaks.
• Wipe squeegee after each pass so it' doesn't leave residue.
• Be very careful of the screens if you was in your bathtub so that they don't scratch and make lots MORE work for you to clean. I recommend doing this outside if you have the hose and space to do so.

Do you think cob-webs will ever come into style? Me neither...

Screens are about the WORST to clean.
I might have to invest in a garden hose if I can find a hook-up outside.

See the shadow of the siding on the left in the window?
Yep, that's a gross cob-web hanging.

This is in my kitchen - it makes me lose my appetite, which is tough to do.
My poor tub! I'm glad I haven't JUST cleaned this! So Gross!

Still not great - but SO much better!

WHAT a difference! I can actually see outside!
Next procrastination? Daydreaming!

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