Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wire Basket Love!

I have had these wire baskets for FOREVER! They were super cheap from a liquidator outlet so I bought up a handful of them. Only problem is that they are not the easiest to use because they are not easily stack-able and are a bit limiting with what you can put in them.

One use I have for them are for plastic and random containers in my kitchen. Luckily they fit perfect in my cupboards, and are light and easy to pull out and put-away.

My second use is today's project! I've had these 2 baskets floating around my apartment with random papers and pieces that I have not gotten to put away or organize. The random mail and papers are the worst, and I'm the worst at actually going through and filing as it comes in. I usually dump the stack of important receipts, bills, statements, letters in these baskets. The problem? How do you make them functional but still have them be out and useful?

Of course, I knew from the start that I wanted these in my Craft Closet where they would be out of the living and relaxing areas. But, I want to keep as much desk space available as I possibly can. Solution? Hang them!! I wasn't quite sure if I wanted them hung from my top shelf or under my desk, but decided hanging from the top would be more out-of-the-way and functional.

Lots of junk in here that needs to be organized!

This is what my room rarely looks like. I tend to keep the curtain pulled back most of the time.
The 'real story'. Lots of stuff stored away.
Remnants from many projects.

So, I ran out to Target and found some cute hooks. They ended up being a dark bronze finish. I would have preferred a silver finish to match the baskets, but I guess this space is a hodge-podge of different materials - being a craft area and all!

I've been trying to get this crap off the floor for forever. I DID add the white ridge so I could store some shoes.

Drill a hole first. Remember - smaller is better because you can always go bigger if you have to! (that's what she said, hehe!)

Hey! It works! And fits!

Here is the finished product! I'm so glad these are finally up, off the floor, and out of the way! Now I can finally sit at my desk and get some DIY's up and running. Oh, also, here is a new project that I have in the works... I really want to paint the back wall of this closet and I'm tempted to make it difficult and do a painted pattern to make it a bit more interesting. Any ideas of colors? I have a few ideas, but I'd love your opinion! :)

Now the 1st one won't get lonely.
Aaahhhhh, organized feels so good. Look at the floor - no clutter! :)

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