Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cooking Failure or Lesson?

This week I've been very obsessed with this whole cooking thing... Since I did the meals with Fit Fresh Cuisine for 4 weeks, I lost 5lbs (which I have a VERY tough time doing). Now, I'm motivated to keep it off by keeping with a more healthy eating plan - Says the girl who pigged out this weekend. Live and learn!

Tuesday night turned into a crazy cooking extravaganza! I prepared to cook 6 things: Asparagus Soup, Clean Eating Coconut Lime Bars, Clean Eating Mac 'n Cheese, left-over turkey burgers that we froze from last week, a new clean-eating tartar sauce I've been meaning to try, and some fish that we thawed that needs to be cooked tonight or it will go bad. Let me tell ya - only 1 turned out to be what I would call a success. I guess I have a knack for soup, but being a big meat eater, I HAVE to get some form of protein in at each meal if I can. Otherwise it's too easy to give into or get cravings. I have found that when I keep a consistent flow of protein going in my body, I don't crave the bad stuff as much.

I wanted to cook at Chad's place since his kitchen is larger and easier to spread out in, PLUS he has a dishwasher. WOW, such a luxury a dishwasher is for me now-a-days! Before that, in an effort not to have to haul my whole kitchen to his place, I worked on the Clean Eating Bars. Note, I had to roast the oats to a golden brown in the oven - do not take this lightly! There is a small window between "man, are these even doing anything" to "holy crap - they are burnt!" Luckily not too much was tainted by burnage, so I weeded out the dark pieces and added a few raw ones to fill in.

Coconut Lime Bars
Wrapping up each bar individually. These will be great grab-n-goes.

For this recipe, verdict is still out on if they are good or not. They are quite dry, but not so far off from those granola bars you can buy in the store. I figure these will be a great grab-n-go snack or a nice way to satisfy those cookie cravings I can't seem to get rid of!

So, the first actual meal was the Turkey burgers... This was to be Chad and My dinner for tonight. Let's just say, this turned out to be a mess. The Turkey was still frozen, so it was very soggy and fell apart on the grill. Also, I tried a new recipe trying to mimic tartar sauce, and thought this would be a good place to try it. Wrong-o... Fit Fresh Cuisine ROCKS at their sauces, and tartar sauce being one of them I just can't seem to find anything that comes close yet. Chad is good humored, though. He's so happy that he doesn't have to cook, he'll choke down anything I put in front of him. Ha!

While the Turkey was grilling, I prepared the noodles for the mac-n-cheese only to realize I had forgotten quite a few ingredient for my other meals. One big one being whole wheat flour - crapola! Oh well, I'm already committed to the Asparagus soup because most everything is chopped, but I'm not sure the Mac-n-Cheese will fair as well without. So, I packed up the noodles once they were cool and figured that recipe would have to wait for another night this week.

Mac 'n cheese didn't make it that far - we'll see how it goes later this week.

Since the grill was still hot, I threw the fish I had on next. It was pretty covered with the turkey mess that was stuck to it from the burgers (what a disaster - basically had to scrape those darned burgers off the grill) so I put the fish on foil - oh yeah, that's me thinking... I'm hoping to use the fish on a salad for lunches this week. Or, maybe I'll make a fish-salad sandwich? We'll see what I'm in the mood for down the road and how it looks. It got a little over-cooked when I forgot about it, so we'll see if I can find a recipe that can salvage it!

I hate to see food go to waste!

Finally, I dove into the Asparagus soup. It was a lot of chopping like the Italian Wedding Soup, but this was a bit tricky in that I had to transfer to the blender to puree and then get it back in the pot to season because it wouldn't all fit in the blender. This actually tasted pretty good - all the hashed up potatoes, garlic, and onions really gave it a lot of flavor without having to add little to any salt. Chad and his brother both gave this a thumbs-up. Maybe we can do a 3 out of 3 thumbs rating for each of the recipes I try ;)

I wish I could include a smell-o-meter. This first part of the soup smells amazing!

I am getting VERY good a chopping.

Pot, blender, pot. Boy I dislike doing dishes!

Yay! One meal was a success! At least this whole night wasn't a loss. The soup gives Chad and Me 3 meals each which is nice that it goes such a long way. We split the cost of groceries this week so everything I make he gets half! I'm not sure I got the good end of that stick, but he's sure being nice to me this week, haha!

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