Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazylegs = Crazy Weekend

Chad and I anticipating the race start - trying to stay warm.

Another year, and it's another Crazylegs already! As always, the true challenge always starts out with what to wear given the weather. Given an very warm spring this year I was hoping for a bit of relief with having to work to stay warm and dry. Mother nature had a different agenda...but runners and runner-wanna-be's (I'm included in this category) still managed to make it out in droves.

The weather was not the greatest, but definitely not the worst I've ever ran in. A balmy 35-40 degrees, with misty sprinklings of rain and wind, it was a bit nippy. Here is the best tip I can give for people who want to be warm but don't want to overheat in a coat during the race. Chad and I wore garbage bags. Yeah, they look awful but you stay warm, dry, and before the race you can shed the plastic insulation to keep from overheating during the race.

The atmosphere of any race with 20,000 people in attendance is definitely a natural adrenalin rush. It's amazing who you run into and see while out running; people you know or don't know but feel a sort of camaraderie to since you are enjoying this challenge/adventure together.

After making it up the toughest hill of the race in the 1st mile, this view is your reward.
I looked around and saw no one looking right - I guess they were a bit more focused on the race than I was.

Chad and I started together, and I was expecting him to leave me in the dust like he usually does. Amazingly, I felt really good through the whole race. I had thoughts running through my head of how grateful I was to be able to run this distance without any bodily ailments, and I really was taking in all the people and everything going on around me. I never ran too hard - but I felt a sort of endurance euphoria that I've never experienced before. It was like I could run at the same pace for miles and miles. Slow and steady wins the race today, I guess!

After I crossed the finish I looked back and snapped this shot.
This is my favorite part of the day - when you finished the tough part and now you can receive the fruits of your labor!

Our 8k turned into a marathon as we continued through the day to celebrate with family and friends. We traipsed through Madison to places like Union South, Big 10 pub, Paul's Club (the pub with a Tree in the middle of it), Blue Velvet (great Martini's!), and Cooper's Tavern. I have to say, Madison has some of the best establishments for food and drink. This was my first time to Blue Velvet - they have quite a menu of martini's for only $5. Such a deal! (no, they don't pay me to say that...)

When the results posted, I looked back at previous years times and never realized how fast I used to be! It really was amazing to see the evolution of my workout history shown there through the previous years. I sprained my ankle really bad in 2011, and my time definitely reflected that lapse in my running.

Because of these times, I have been inspired to have a new goal: to run the Crazylegs 2013 with a time of less than 40 min. I've always secretly wanted to prove to myself that I can run less than 8 min per mile so here goes nothing! I think this will be one of my toughest challenges that I've given myself, but here goes nothing! 364 days and counting... :)

We enjoyed free beer (good beer, might I add: Capital Amber - yum!)  while dancing and celebrating.
The weather was a bit challenging, but it turned out to be a great time.

It's so inspiring to see people of all ages and sizes finishing the race on the 50 yard line.

My mom and her husband, Charlie.
They did the walk this year, and were smartly dressed with their ponchos and layers.

Chad and I - I think he's still amazed that I got a faster time than him this year (as am I!)  :)

We started the day and the race at the capital so it was very fitting that we ended it at the capital at Cooper's Tavern.
What a way to come full circle for the day!


Yearly Results:

2008 - 42:28

2009 - 41:17

2010 - 41:06

2011 - 46:27

2012 - 44:57

39:59 - here I come!!!

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