Thursday, April 26, 2012

Patio Preparation has Begun!

Summer is a comin, and that means time to get my patio ready for plantin, chillin, and whatever else I want to do out there! My goal is to make it uber beautiful so I will want to hang out there every moment that I can while the weather is awesome. It's been tough holding back on planting, but I've been warned, "It's too soon, there could still be a frost". So far I've listened. Or, been lazy - you pick :)

But, this past weekend I did one project that has been in the works for the past 5 years! I have been teak-stain/treating my patio furniture. This set was something I bought when I first moved back to Wisconsin from Orlando and was excited to actually be able to sit outside in the summer. Summers in Florida are as bad as Wisconsin winters; running form air conditioner to air conditioner. So, when I got back to the frozen tundra (spoiler alert, summers rock in Wisconsin and YES it gets warm) I was thrilled to be outside again - so I decked out the patio.

So, back to my set - it's from Target and consisted of 2 chairs and a table. The following summer, My mom bought 4 chairs of the same set, but took WAY better care of it. I basically bought the stuff and left it outside to endure the elements and rot. Mom, on the other hand, never left hers outside to bleach so you can definitely tell which is which. What's the point to this long story? Well, the following year my mom moved and no longer wanted her patio furniture. I inherited the nice set - SCORE!

I wanted to work to get my disaster of a set back to looking like it semi-went with my mom's. I got as far as buying the teak-oil. That simple task took me a whole year and a half... Thank you Mr. Blog for finally motivating me to finish this project. That and my nice new patio (new to me, at least.) This is my first summer living in this apartment since I moved in last August. Summer is going to be the greatest! I'm going to walk everywhere, and read and eat and drink outside all the time! Can you tell I'm excited?

So, I rubbed down every piece of furniture I had. All it took was a good pair of gloves and a durable rag. You probably should sand or clean off your furniture first, but I just dove in - since I expected to chuck the fabric rag anyways. It took me about 2.5 hours to do 4 chairs and a table. The seats and backs are made of a plastic mesh. I attempted to wash those and bleach them in my bathtub, but they didn't seem to get as bright as I was hoping they would, oh-well. At least they are better than they were! It's always nice when you can breath new life into something you already have.

What do you think?



And so we begin - these babies are in rough shape!

This chair is probably in the roughest shape. I may have to sand this one down to get rid of those very damaged areas.
If you have any tips - please share!

Can you hear the wood crying? "help me! I'm so dry..."


Can you believe the difference a little teak oil makes?
I can't wait until these are surrounded by foliage, flowers and greenery!

It brought out a red-ness to some of the chairs, so pretty.

The table probably shows the most improvement!
I have a few areas to touch-up (like that chair arm) and then we should be good for the season.

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