Saturday, April 7, 2012

Running with No Pockets

Don't mind my broken rubber band - it helps me find my key in my drawer

Running is not my favorite activity because it's really hard and it never gets easy. The toughest part is actually getting dressed and out the door - after the 1st mile it's not so bad (says the person who really never runs more than 5-6 miles.) The other day I was trying to get outside as fast as I could because I was meeting a friend (a great tip for actually getting out there! If I didn't have a friend to have to meet, I would probably just curl up on my couch!) Only problem - where to put my key? I didn't want to put in my sock - how uncomfortable!

Realizing my pants had no pockets - I shuffled through my junk drawer looking for something to help me attach my key to something - shoes, bra, whatever... and I came up with this clip! I think everyone has one somewhere. It amazingly was even more perfect than the safety pin or key-chain that I was looking for. Just pinch one of the metal arms until you can remove it, slip on your key, and re-clip into place! I ended up clipping this into my pants so it didn't flop around. Don't you love when you find a solution for something with something you already have?!

clip held tight through my run, and was barely noticeable
Here is an amazing view I caught on this particular run :)

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