Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday :: Watch those End-Caps

Do you enjoy shopping? Looking at all the products and packaging and taking your time? Not really to buy but most of the time to see what is out there? Things that could inspire, or give you a laugh. New things can could be functional. Also, I love finding things and thinking of new ways to use them - maybe even other than what they are intended.

A lot of these things can be found on those clearance racks or end-caps. One of my favorite places to search through the isle ends are Target! Here you can find clearance, or over stocked items that are extremely reduced. Even if you aren't looking for something in-particular, this is the place you come across those awesome finds.*

I love my TV - look how clear it is - isn't technology amazing?
The black and white photos are a great compliment to it and the painted wall.

This particular item, well, items were found multiple years ago. I didn't have a place in mind at the time. In fact, I think I was living at home and anything I found would go directly into bins for when I could get my own place. These were on clearance for about 5 buck each. They included the matte so I thought that was a pretty good deal for the whole package.

I finally pulled them out this past year. They had been living under my bed in my previous home and were caked in dust - so gross. I couldn't believe how amazing these have resurrected in a spot that I was having a lot of trouble finding a solution for.

Above my TV was enough room to put something, but what? not a picture - that tends to compete with the television. A shelf? I wasn't too crazy about putting something that could come crashing down on my brand-new LED TV. No, these 2 frames seem to fill just enough space to compliment the wall and TV.

These frames turned out to be the best solution for 3 reason:
  1. They are in multiple's of 3 - my favorite number for clumping things together.
  2. They definitely match the decor and contrast amazingly against the golden cream color on my walls.
  3. It was a great way to show off photo snippets that I had taken back in college.
Didn't these images turn out great? They were studies that I photographed of amazing fixtures found in Radio City Music Hall, and Central Park in New York City. Next time you are on vacation, take a few random pictures of textures, repetitive elements, or architecture. They are simple things that can make for some great and memorable photo fillers.

This was the bathroom vanity in the Woman's bathroom in Radio City Music Hall, NYC.
One of the coolest bathrooms I've ever been in.

Wandering in Central Park, there are many bridges like this one.
I love high-contrast of the deep shadow and the Sunny Day.
Remember, your eye is drawn to where the darkest dark meets the lightest light.

The ceiling light fixtures in the downstairs of Radio City. They look like space-ships!

Rule of 3's: Everything is better in 3's when decorating.
 So, whats the moral of this Tidbit Tuesday? Sometimes there are those deals that you can't pass up. Sure, you don't need them right now, but down the road it could be something great! I'm not saying to out and stock up on all sorts of crap - but when you find those deals that are great deals that you just can't pass up? Just go for it! If you never end up using it, you can always make a gift out of it, right?

*TIP: I've noticed that Target is putting more of their clearance items and good buys back into the isles - so, don't limit yourself to those end-caps!

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