Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best Memorial Day Ever!

Well, I have great news and better great news. I finished my patio, but most important today is the day I became an Aunt. Unfortunately, for those waiting for the patio evolution and reveal you'll have to wait till tomorrow because today is all about Collin Joseph.

7.2oz of perfection!
My brother is a pilot in the US Air Force. {He'll love that I'm announcing that fact because the first time I began to write in my blog he emailed me saying, "You know you can write about me - I am a pilot." Confidence is something I guess you need to be a pilot, but my bro gets away with it because he's got the brains and wit to back it up.}

Because Joe is in the Air Force, he doesn't get to choose where he and his wife lives. Officially he is stationed in Mississippi, but has had 4 months of pilot training in San Antonio, TX. Personally, I would choose San Antonio any-day over Columbus, MS to enter the world.

I trekked down there to Texas twice - once when Joe graduated basic training, and once when my cousin graduated as well. The River-walk has to be one of my favorite places to visit and we've made some wonderful memories that I'll always cherish. Watching anyone devote their life to their country is a pretty special and emotional experience. Guess you could say I have a piece of my heart in the Alamo (I know - pretty cheesy but I am from Wisconsin so there's always room for a little cheese.)

Now I have another reason to love San Antonio. My Nephew was born at 8:30am after 30 hours of labor via Caesarian section. My mom flew out there with her husband and has been sending me pictures all day, which I'm so grateful for. Chad and I are hoping to head out to visit in a month when they are settled back in Mississippi. While I'm sad it won't be San Antonio, I really don't care so long as I get to finally meet Collin. I can't wait to see him in person and smell that baby smell :) Here are a bunch of images to enjoy. It's amazing how something so little can make your heart feel so full (without even meeting him yet.) :)

He's got hair!!

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