Friday, May 4, 2012

Is it Chad's Birthday, or Mine?

Today is a big day! Chad is now 31 and well off into his 30's. No dabbling around anymore; this the real deal - hehe! I love birthdays - mine or the like. Anytime to celebrate and go out to dinner or do something special - I'm in! My birthday is more than just a day. It starts with the weekend "oh, yeah! let's go out because it's my birthday!" Soon it turns into the month, "Oh, I should buy that because it's my birthday" or "I can eat that because it's my birthday!"

So, I know it's Chad's day, but I have to say I enjoyed myself quite thoroughly. One of my gifts to him was Twins tickets. He loves baseball, is not too much into things, and has a lifelong goal to visit every baseball stadium before his demise. I think that too is a pretty cool goal, so I'm trying to be there for as many games as I possibly can. Chad is also a big Twin's fan and has yet to see the game in the new(er) Target stadium, so soon we will check that off our bucket list. Let me tell you, I have the toughest time keeping secrets. A month ago when I bought the tickets, I kept asking "do you want to know what your birthday present is?" He has way more discipline and always makes me suffer and keep it in.

The celebration actually started the night before - Thursday night. I wanted to also make Chad a cake for his birthday. Partly because I'm cheap, but also because it has more meaning (at least if it's good tasting.) My co-worker passed this recipe along to me and promised it would be life-changing. My goal was do make an impressive 2-layer cake. For some reason whenever I think of birthday cake - I think something round and 2-layer.

Poke holes and then infuse the cake with pure liquid sugar and caramel, basically.

This is not the cake for someone trying to avoid sugar.

I plopped one cake on top of the other so the carmel is in the middle.
Then I flipped it on a plate, but on wax paper to help make it less messy.

It's a little lop-sided, but I think it turned out pretty good.
I'm very surprised I didn't drop it on the trip over to Chad's place, being the clutz that I am.

The cake is not of the 'clean eating' genre, but man - it is good! I surprised Chad the morning of his birthday by waking him to a serenade of Happy Birthday with the cake and lit candles. I have one major tradition growing up. My mother would force us out of bed and out stumbling into the kitchen where our half-dead, half-asleep looking sibling was waiting. Barely opening their eyes in their pj's, waiting by a cake, presents, and a balloon of some sorts, they would stare at you one-eye open happy to celebrate, but wishing they could do it from bed or not at the butt-crack of dawn. As painful as it was, it was memorable and always a nice tradition.

Chad didn't have an appeteit for cake at 8 in the morning (which I don't understand) so I bit the bullet and ate a slice saying, "I need to make sure it's edible." Definitely worth the work, and maybe next time I make it it won't lean too much.

Birthdays are a great thing, though! We took the day off and went golfing for 18 holes - our first of the season. It wasn't the greatest of weather, but the fog made it memorable. We played well for our first round out of the year and really enjoyed ourselves. Ladies, if you do anything, please be sure to be with someone who likes doing the same things as you. Then, when you end up celebrating their birthday it's like a second birthday! Full of cake, good eating, and fun adventures. I can't wait to see the Twins play - Happy Birthday to me, er, Chad! :)

They don't sell candles in quantities of 31, so I did the next best thing and spelled it out!
Chad after the first drive.
I'm enjoying a nice sugar bagel, to celebrate Chad's birthday.
It's not sunny, but the weather sure had character and the grass and trees were SO green.

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