Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Sh'moject, Let's Go Shopping!

Tonight turned out to be a pretty fun adventure! What was a night of attending a trade-show for work turned into an impromptu shopping extravaganza (spring, 2012 - to make it official, hehe!) I have found that some of the greatest finds are from dipping into a random store while on the road, or out of my normal stomping grounds. Usually when I'm not even looking for anything in-particular.

Tonight, the stop-in was to a Marshall's in Delafield. I know that they always have these huge bottles of water and a decent bathroom, so we made a break after an evening trip to Milwaukee. Not only did I find some deals, but I'm excited for the projects that they will lead to!

My first find was this rockin' mirror! I have been wanting a frame or mirror with a nice shape, but something for CHEAP! Now I finally found it! This has a pretty interesting design. The color leaves something to be desired, but just a coat of paint and I think this mirror is going to be pretty sweet!

Are you like me? That freak who spends time peeling back the labels to see how much something was priced before it kept getting reduced? This was retail $90, marked down to $49.94, then again to $35 and finally into my cheap arms for $20. I know, I would NEVER spend $90 for a mirror like this, but it's just fun to play those mind games on yourself. Also, I love finding deals like these - que suerte!!

This next purchase was not on sale, but I thought 8 bucks was pretty reasonable for this basket. It will be pretty great-looking on my table on my patio. My hope is to plant some flowers or maybe some of my herbs in this? The nice thing about that is it would be portable so I can easily bring it into my kitchen if I'm cooking something.

Also, I bet some mason jars would look pretty kick-butt in this basket! That, or the Fiji water bottles I bought at Marshall's fit perfect - I just have to cut the tops off and they will make some great clear containers for planting. What do you think would be good to plant in this?

My friend who was with me found this amazing lamp for $20 (sorry I didn't get a picture). It also needs a good makeover, but I can't wait to see the potential it is going to have with a little 'face lift'. I have to laugh, we walked in just to get a few waters but ended up traipsing out with our arms so full we could barely carry everything!

A good rule of thumb - to keep shopping under some kind of control never take a cart. That way, if you can't carry it you really don't need it! And if you REALLY want something, you'll do whatever you can to haul it back home. Happy shopping adventures!!

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