Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday :: Magnets, Magnets, Magnets

I generally like order, but there's one place in my apartment where I love total chaos. It's my fridge! Why? Besides the fact that it's very ugly and white and boring, and I love magnets. It's the one thing that I like to collect. Every time I travel or have an adventure that I want to remember a memory from, I be sure to pick up a magnet. They are the best because they are small, generally pretty cheap, and you can never seem to have too many of them.

My favorite? I really have so many, but here are a few that stand out. I have these 'phalange' looking clips that hang off and out from the rest that I picked up while in Milwaukee in this great little shop in the 3rd ward. I also have a couple of cool bottle openers from Vegas and San Antonio that I love. The paper flowers along the top, right side are one of my favorite things to pump out when I'm into doing a mindless project.

It's definitely a hot mess, but my magnets always make me smile.

The front has much more than magnets -
pictures, Brewers baseball and Badger tickets, coupons, and announcements from loved ones.

There is one that I think is pretty hilarious. I bought it on my trip to the Louvre when I visited Paris right after college with a couple of my best girlfriends. We saw this in the gift shop, and of course I had to buy it. I had no idea of the actual meaning behind the scene (I know that everything means or symbolizes something in art from this period), but I secretly call it the 'pinching titties painting'. It's just so bizarre - love it!

Gabrielle d'Estrées et une de ses soeurs
You can see the 'pinching titties' magnet next to the lettuce leaf from potbellies.
Other Magnets include Disney film posters, Moulin Rouge Movie stills,
scenic deco Chicago Movie posters, Spam museum, and many more.

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