Monday, June 4, 2012

Patio Extravaganza, Part 3: The Conclusion

Today, I headed back to Walmart to get a few more flowers to make sure and fill in all the planters. I have two more railing planters that I bought yesterday at Walmart which brings the total now to 8 for the railing. I think I have enough planters finally, so I just have to complete planting what I do have. I can't tell you the names of the plants that I planted at this point but I did stick the tags in the sides of the planters for future reference - I figure I'll do that as I document how well they grow or not.

So, here are some shots celebrating how well it turned out! I already look forward to coming home after work to read or have a drink to unwind. I can't wait to have some grill-outs and a few friends over to help me enjoy this nice new space :)

These planters are now jam-packed with flowers and foliate!

I still have to go around with the goo-be-gone to get the labels off the railing boxes.
In bottom front are my pepper and tomato plants - I think these will be re-potted into larger pots once they grow a bit.

I'm thrilled with how this corner turned out. AND, my lettuce is loving life! Here's to lots of salads this summer.

Time to chill out and enjoy this awesome space!

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