Monday, June 25, 2012

Sewing Class:: Loving it so far!

So far I've had two sewing classes and have already learned tons. The first session was a review of materials and the different 'notions' that sewing brings. Between my sewing and sailing class, there is a whole new world of vocabulary that I have never know to be! It is definitely quite a challenge for me, though. Memorization is one thing that I have always struggled with. Typically my solution is flash-cards since I learn so much better visually, but so far I've not yet done that. We will see if I can still retain all this new lingo!

I am loving the fabrics I chose! The 2nd class brought actually cutting out of the patterns, fabric and interlining material. I was pretty slow to start in class, but once I got the hang of it I was rolling! Each of these bags are a little different in size. The yellow and brown one is the small, while the green and grey (I'm calling this one my mouse bag since the outline pattern looks like a bunch of Apple Mac Mice) is the medium size.

Hopefully the actual sewing goes just as well as the cutting! It should be the true test to how well I actually did cutting out all this fabric. I guess you don't really know until you actually line it all up! :)

I bet you're wondering, "Where did you get your fabric?" Props to this awesome shop I found right by my house. The Sewcial Lounge is a place I know I'll go back to once I get this sewing thing down. While they don't have a ton to choose from, it's definitely quality over quantity when you choose to go here. Plus, I love supporting the local businesses!

Here is the bag that I have started in my class.

When I got home, I continued working on THIS bag, which hopefully will help me learn more on my machine.

Finally, I'm learning to follow a pattern! I'm so excited for the options that this will bring!

Here is a sneak-peek at the possible look to the finished bag! :)


Thanks so much for reading! More soon to come - Cheers! :)

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