Saturday, July 28, 2012

B-cycle, We cycle

Chad and I gave in! We signed up for the local b-cycle! For those of you who don't know what that is, there are stations now all around downtown Madison with b-cycle bicycles that Trek has installed around town. It's pretty convenient for if we are out for a drink, or wanting to head to farmers market, but it's not super close to my house (takes about 10 min to get to) so I couldn't justify signing up initially.

Chad received a free membership through work and after looking into it I realized that my membership would only be $20 since I work for the university - score! So I shelled out the Jackson and am so glad I did! After an afternoon of sailing (I finally took Chad out!) we headed to state street for a bite and jumped on a bike back to my place.

I have to say - they are a really nice ride! Also, they have this cute little bell that Chad managed to find immediately and ring the whole way home. Guess we are the best marketing for Trek! My favorite feature? The huge basket that lets you throw tons of stuff on the bike. I always seem to be carrying at least 2-3 bags wherever I'm going so this is quite a nice feature.

 I was amazed at how easy it is to check these puppies out! We received our cards in the mail, which means all you have to do is touch this metal tab on the station in front of the bike you want. You then wave your card over it so it senses it, and the bike is immediately unlocked and good to go! I also believe they have lights on them that automatically turn on, but have yet to ride them in the evening.

As for turning them back in? Just push them into the stall, hear the lock engage and you're on  your way - so easy! I'm sure I'll be writing more of my adventures since I've signed my lease for another year! That means another winter and summer in my place, at least! I sure love it here - always so much to do when you're right downtown Madison.

What has been your favorite adventure this summer so far?

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