Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sewing a Success so Far - YAY!

My sewing class is coming to a close! This week was the 2nd to last class and I finished the 1st of the two bags that I was working on. I have to say, I'm very excited with how it turned out and people seem to be impressed. I'm not sure if that's because they didn't expect much to begin with, or if the bag really looks that good! ;)


Here is the image of my completed project! I have to say - I'm pretty happy with the fabric I picked out. Everyone in the class did the same pattern, but each fabric choice was so different. Everyone really did a great job of making these their own. The class was a great learning experience and hopefully this is the first of many bags that I will be completing!

I have one more class next week where I hope to tackle finishing the 2nd bag I've been working on - watch for that reveal soon to come! I also hope to learn how to sew on a button and hem some pants. This has been a long-awaited project because I have a pair of pants that I button with a safety pin. I also have a pair of amazing black slacks that I've had about 5 years and never actually worn because they are about 3 inches too long, even with heals.

We shall see how far I take this sewing thing! I highly recommend the class to anyone - it was much easier learning than I anticipated and I'm so impressed with the finished product! They also may have a class on making a t-shirt blanked that I'm so hyped for in the fall. I have had this bin of shirts collected since college that I have so been waiting to make into a blanket!

It feels so good to complete these projects! I'm that much closer to opening my own Etsy store - YAY! Here's some more picts:

The inside pockets are practical and I love the zipper - it works great with this fabric!

The fabric rocks!
It worked out really great with the 2 patterns and the weight is heavy and soft yet durable.

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