Sunday, July 1, 2012

Best Remedy for Helping a Sore Throat is....

This last week has been quite an event. I'm not one to get sick very often and I pride myself on high pain tolerance, but this week I was a total, useless baby. Prone to strep throat, when I had a wretched sore throat on Tuesday I immediately took it easy and tried to rest to see if it would go away. On Wednesday, when the pain still persisted incessantly I called into work again, but also got right into the doctor.

I know the drill with Strep - get swabbed and they give you good drugs that fix you in about 2-3 days. Sadly, I did not have strep which is probably worse news (even the doctor admitted) because there's not much you can do for just a sore throat except rest, try to find releif for the pain, and wait. It's like when you get a sprained ankle - same thing. They can't really do anything and all you can do is rest. My advise: if you are going to hurt your ankle really go and break it because then you can at least get some help from modern medicine.

I know the immediate remedies for sore throats. My grandma and mom always say gargle with warm salt water. This idea totally seems like torture in my head, but when I got around to actually doing it it paid off. Not long enough to keep with the relief, but it defenitely put my tonsils in check.

So, is this post just to blog about my pathetic week of pain? No. I actually feel like I am somewhat of an expert on the different options on how to remedy a sore throat. This week I've definitely tried everything. Early on I burned through a whole pack of those freezy pops. I happen to be a huge fan of these things - they got me through some stifeling summers as a lifeguard, but they were definitely only temporary as far as feeling better.

Ibuprofen was what the doctor suggested to ease the pain. I take this as a whole barrel of whoopla. This drug didn't seem to do anything for the pain. I'm not a pill popper, but I was downing about 4 per 4-6 hours and am not sure that this remedy did anything. I however did continue to take it because I know this helps keep the swelling down. Even though I couldn't tell pain-wise I am hopeful that this at least could help the sore throat go away sooner. Who knows.

Next on the list is Cloraseptic spray and throat losenges. I bought what looked to be the best at the drugstore. They even said things like 'maximum strength' and 'for sever sore throats'. By this time, about Thursday, I was back to work and didn't want to waste anymore time beating around the bush. I needed relief so I could get my life back on track from all the resting I did the two previous days. These were great for instant releif. Although, they lasted about as long as it takes to open your mouth and say something or eat a snack. Everyone also says drink lots of water. As soon as I took a sip, the relief from the spray and losenges did was immediately washed away. I think this wraps up most of what I've been throwing down my throat this week.

There was one remedy that stood out that I was hesitant to try. But, now five days into this pain without any site yet of it ending I went to church and prayed to be healed. I then desperately went to the grocery store and wrangled up the odd concoction that my friend recommended. I pleaded for help on facebook a few days ago and most of what is above was recommended. A few friends mentioned honey and lemon, but this recipe took it a bit further. These ingredients seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum as far as triggers for my tastebuds. I feel like throwing them together and putting them down my throat is like putting all of them into a boxing ring and trying them to beat each other out to the death. Amazing thing is they seem to work! While downing this concoction is a bit difficult. It stings and even with my tolerance for heat, seemed to make me sweat. But, it killed two birds with one stone with that I'm consuming water and also finally am getting some releif.

Altought I'm not yet cured, I finally feel like something is happening in my throat. Plus, this 'tea' doesn't taste half bad. You've heard it here - try this remedy first. You definitely won't regret it and it's probably a lot cheaper than the drugs that only help very temporarily. Hopefully I'll finally be cured by my next post! Who knew sore throats were so exhausting! It's like when Luke Skywalker blew up the deathstar. Just attack the nucleus and the whole planet goes down :)

And the remedy recipe is:
Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne, and Honey Tea

Who knew putting these ingredients together could work so well!
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  • juice of 1/4 a lemon
  • 1 tsp honey

    Warm up and drink. Four cups a day is suggested.
Please know that this has yet to actually cure my sore throat, but it is so far my favorite remedy. Hope it helps! Please let me know of any other options that I haven't listed.

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