Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Circus Weekend in Madison!

You know how in the Family Circus cartoons how they show the kids going all over the place on a trek that should have taken a fraction of the time? I'm not sure that this tour could have been avoided, but here is a map of our crazy Sunday extravaganza! It was a day that was not planned - something I don't typically have happen, but boy did it end up being a fun-filled day!

Chad and I began the day at his place and went to late church service. This was great because we could enjoy the morning waking up slowly (one of life's greatest luxuries!) I made this awesome Banana Chip Scone Recipe - look for the recipe later this week. It goes great with coffee and the morning paper or a Sudoku puzzle.

After church we headed back home since Chad noticed something on his shorts and wanted to change them. That's usually me who spills all over themselves! He then humored me by going with me to check out a local vintage flea Market on the east side. Some of the vendors looked pretty awesome so I wanted to check it out since I've never been to one before. On the way, I happened to spot out a cafe that some ladies in my sewing class work at: Crema Cafe.

As soon as I saw it I said, "Turn here, I'll buy you brunch!" I guess, "I'll buy" are magic words because he followed without any resistance. It was a cute cafe - we both ordered the scramblers which were a perfect portion, but a bit light for the $8-something cost. The deal-getting inside of me and Chad usually go for the quantity, or amazing quality. While this dish was very tasty, I don't think I'd make my way out here just to eat for the price. It does have quite a nice view over the lake though.

We then made our way to the flea market. It had some pretty awesome dishes and furniture that I really enjoyed seeing. Also, they had the toy sets that totally brought me back to my childhood. One of the vendors a friend tipped me off on which in-turn tipped me off to this flea market. I just love the furniture that she redoes! She has a great eye for furniture form. I aspire to redo furniture as one of my future projects!

Check out Booth 121 - she does amazing work!
They day was just getting started - we continued on to Dick's sporting goods because Chad had a great idea for us to play some tennis. Neither of us have racquets right now, so we splurged on some cheaper ones that can get us started. Of course we also needed to run to the grocery store to get some Powerade since it still warm out.

Back in the car - we're off to head to my neighborhood where they have some nice courts to play on. It's great how Wimbledon inspires you to get out and play! We managed to get in a few sets and definitely improved as the play went on. We culminated our tennis adventure when I managed to roll both ankles. Luckily they were very mild, but it shook me up a bit so we called it for the day. I come from a long history of ankle rolling. My most recent had me out for about a year so I attempt to be very careful to prevent anymore as much as I can. For next time, not only will I wrap my ankles, but will be sure to wear my flatter/wider cross-trainer shoes instead of the running shoes I was sporting (not smart!)

I was glad to get a shower and put on the pj's early to settle in for a relaxing evening after our fun day. I tried a new recipe to go along with our leftover chicken. It was full of veggies and went great with the salad I made from the lettuce I've been growing in my garden! I'll post the recipe for this Summer Squash Casserole along with the breakfast Scones later this week. Hope you all had a great weekend with your own adventures - Thanks for reading!

This was a great side dish - sort of a comfort food for the summer!

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