Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday :: The things we do for fun

Here is a long awaited tidbit Tuesday that's a little bit of random fun. A while back I traveled to meet my new nephew in San Antonio. Chad couldn't get off work to go along, but before I left he challenged me and said, "before you get on the plane, draw a picture of me." I quickly replied, "OK-I'll bite!"

I almost forgot to actually do it, but remembered as they announced the 'turn-off-electronics' that they always do. I quick whipped out my note pad, drew Chad's portrait in like 5 min., and sent a photo from my iPhone before the flight attendant made her rounds. After looking at it, I was even pretty impressed that I could draw it so quickly from memory. Usually, that's something I'm not able to do, but I guess I have Chad's features engrained. Also, it probably helped that I drew sunglasses and a hat instead of his eyes and hair :)

Looking back - I love that he came up with a challenge like this. So original and yet so fun. I guess that's why he's the guy for me: he's good at challenging me and I believe we do a good job of making each other better!

In case you don't know - here is what Chad looks like!

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