Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bling Bling!

Sorry for my absence! I promise I have a good reason - I'm engaged! Chad popped the question and I have said yes (I had to ask to make sure because I was so excited in the moment, I wasn't sure that I did or not!) The first week we were on vacation in Estes Park Colorado where we fly fished, hiked, relaxed, cooked and had a great time. The second week Chad and I were out and about visiting with friends and family and sharing the good news.

How did he pop the question? Later in the week, on Thursday, we broke off on our own for a hike and a picnic in the Rockie Mountains. We went to the visitors center and decided to hike to a waterfall called Fern Waterfall. It was actually a lot longer than either of us thought because we took a wrong turn on the drive to the trail start, and then about half way in, we also took a wrong turn. Both were great detours with extra sites and views. We got to see an elk on our drive, and the wrong turn on our hike took us to a great view of the mountains.

We finally made it up to the Fern Falls where we sat on this log for our picnic. We packed some wine, turkey and cheese sandwiches, jalapeno chips and cherries. For some reason Chad was adamant on bringing 2 glasses while I thought it was fine to bring one glass and drink out of the thermos. During our picnic I asked Chad to grab me the cherries. He was shuffling for something, so I asked again for the cherries when I saw this box flash in front of me. I immediately started laughing and crying and didn't really hear what he was saying, but I know it was wonderful!

I have to say, Chad did a wonderful job. I absolutely love the ring. It's perfect for us and he did such a great job picking it out. We didn't look at all - talked about it, but now I'm glad that we didn't because it's so special that he could pick out such a wonderful ring with me in mind on his own.

We immediately took lots of photos to remember the moment. What a perfect spot - I couldn't have picked a better location or time if I tried!

If you look close you can probably see how many calories I burned so far ;)

First smooch kiss after being engaged!

Chad was pretty happy and feeling good after popping the question!

I'm not one for believing in luck but this looks like a good sign!

Perfect day and a perfect way to start the rest of our lives together.
The rest of the hike we were on cloud nine. It seemed to take forever because we wanted to get back to the house to tell all of Chads family and celebrate!

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