Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chad's Bedroom Makeover :: New Lamps

Chad's place is a bit bare. He doesn't really have much more than a bookshelf and a bed for his actual bedroom, so I've been working to find some cheap lamps and furniture that we can make his room a bit more cozy for the mean-time.

I found these awesome lamps at a garage sale while meandering with my cousin. I couldn't resist the price of two for $5 including the shades! Plus, they have a nice silhouette.

Chad did a great job taking charge of the spray painting. He taped off the chord and top and went crazy.

We got a bit creative on a stand so they could dry. A 6-pack box seemed to do the trick!

Chad's bedroom is not so exciting, but it's so much better with these lamps! These sheets don't look like much, but they were a nice find at Marshall's. Just $40 for very high quality Ralph Lauren bedding. Before, he had these college-quality sheets that just didn't cut it!

I love that he really likes the lamps - they are not too feminine as well. Now we just have to get rid of the towel covered speaker!!! We are looking into what it takes to build the end tables that I talked about here.

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