Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chad's Bedroom Makeover :: New Night Stand

We were planning on building this furniture... which we will!!! I just have other priorities that may delay this project for a bit. THAT and I actually finally found a night stand that was in the price range I was looking for. It's not a pair as I had hoped, but one will just have to do for now.

Chad and I found this at a random stop into Goodwill. It was a whopping $6 - YAY! I finally found a deal I can work with! The dresser is pretty good quality. Some things are cheap like the paint job, and the top is a laminate, not a wood so it limits the make-over options (no stripping paint and re-staining.) Also, the handles are not screws, but rather pegged into there somehow. 

Chad managed to pry off the handles. I washed down the whole thing with a bucket of soapy water and let it dry in the awesome sunny day we were having.

I probably could have used more than one can, but it did the trick. I probably could have sanded down a bit of the nicks and scratches, but just wanted this done. Also, I ended up going with a flat Matte finish which I was really happy with.  I'm just wondering if that will make anymore scratches show up more? We shall see!

Handles are in! It's definitely looking good-as-new! Also notice the nice lamp? It's like a new room!


So, here's the break-down ::

Night Stand = $6
White Spray Paint = $5
New Knobs = $3
TOTAL = $14!! Not too shabby!

I also love this shape! Someday when we have a room where we can paint the walls, this is going to look pretty snazzy! Can you tell how excited I am given the exclamation points everywhere? :)

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