Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pickling for the First Time!

Chad and I finally got up early this Saturday and made it to the Madison Farmer's Market. It's been quite a while since we've made it last, but today is an exceptionally beautiful day with a hint of fall since it's a bit cooler. He had the great idea for us to finally try out canning pickles so here goes nothing!

 First-things-first, grab a nice hot and strong cup of coffee!

The colors are amazing! I never get tired of looking at all the great produce and seasonal things to buy.

I'm always amazed at the quantity of produce as well. Look at those mounds of peppers.

Mums of all colors – everywhere.

We got to the market pretty early, but it always fills up fast as the morning goes on.

We bought lots of Dill and cucumbers of course to make a batch of pickles.

Rumor has it, the secret to good pickles is making sure everything is sanitized. Here we are soaking the cucumbers after a good cleaning.

I'm not allowed to give the recipe since it's a family secret on Chad's side, but it sure is a pretty jar of pickles!

All together it made 8 really great jars. Only time will tell how these will turn out! They sure look good right now :)

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