Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday :: Bird Hooks

I don't know why I love these hooks but I have since the first time I saw them in a kitchen boutique on State Street. I also saw them again on one if my favorite blogs. I love her taste so it was nice to have the support from someone with very good taste. It's always nice to have that reassurance!

So, I finally broke down and bought these. There they sat in my craft closet for about 6 months before I actually put these up. It always feels so good once you do! Part of the reason was because Chad's drill was stolen. You need a drill to put a nice hole in the wall. My Grandpa said he had one that I could use, but it took a while for us to remember to take it home.

This weekend was finally one where we were in town. It's been great to actually get those little jobs done that have been sitting around!

Poor guys - they've been living in the dark closet for way too long.

Here is the before wall.

Ta-da! I managed to make them nice and even.

I feel like you can never have too many hooks.
Plus, I needed a place where I will always have my keys.

These are so cute and functional! Love it!

Here is what I need to tackle next - putting all this stuff away!
I'm glad that winter is coming because it will force me to get more done inside.

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