Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday :: Painting All-nighters

I've been pretty rotten at keeping up with the Tidbit Tuesdays - I'm planning to be consistent about getting these out again. Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying these as much as I do!

This week I'm spotlighting one of my favorite paintings with its back-story. This is one I did in college of ocean waves from a photo I found in Communication Arts way back when. I had a painting class one semester where we painted 5 paintings total. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I managed to be the worst procrastinator ever and never really could get into my paintings very well in class for the 3 hours allotted. I was unfocused and easily distracted. Plus, by the time I would set up and get into the actual painting it would be time to start cleaning up to get to my next class.

Here in my living room you can see into my kitchen.
Above the 'peep-hole' I have a shelf with a couple of my favorite things including my Wave painting.

It would be the night before my painting was due and I would be freaking out inside. So I'd buy the largest Mountain Dew I could (back then I didn't drink coffee or know how to make it anyways). I'd set up my space like you do a campsite full of everything I would possibly need. I remember i didn't have an easel so I propped it in the window sill in our living room just 45 degrees from the TV. I proceeded to pop in chick flick after chick flick all night long. I probably made it through 4-6 movies (VHS mind you back then. ) I lived with 5 other girls so between us all we had a huge collection.

My Girlfriends would all bid me well and 'good luck' but I know they were probably all thinking to themselves, "she's screwed!" I'd get going, get in a groove and be in this place my professors called 'the zone' - where you lose time and are totally engulfed in the process. I can only compare it to hot yoga; it's 90 minutes of extreme heat where you really have to keep your focus on your breathing through these long poses. If you lose your thought on other things you forget to breathe and get nauseous and light-headed. That's the other time where you can definitely get in the 'zone' without the passing out part, of course!

Amazingly, the sun would rise and I would be scurrying to finish. My roommates still razz me about how they would go to bed to a blank canvas and wake up to something so complete. Luckily, I've since learned to manage my time much better thanks to my time as a free-lance designer. It's amazing how well you can manage your time when you get paid per project! The better and more efficient you are the less you have to work! I'm all about quality over quantity now!

So here is my Wave painting. I remember picking this image to paint because it was so simple and basic, but it had so many other colors in them! That way I could focus more on the colors since I hadn't done much color - more mono-chromatic paintings.

Once I finish the Thumbprint picture I'm working on I'll be sure to try my hand at painting again! Let's see if I can paint in the daytime - I don't think I've ever done that before! :)

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