Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Socks. Oh, how I love thee...

Hello! I'm alive! Boy - holidays are crazy! I've come into a bunch of freelance design work lately, so it has unfortunately put my blog posting on the back-burner for now. But no fear! I hope to be back up and blogging more consistently through and after the new year! Hope you had a nice break from reading :)

Today I was motivated to do a fun little post because of these awesome socks that I bought. I have this favorite site that I love to check everyday. It's called theClymb - I LOVE the things they post on here. Outdoor-wear and gear in amazing brands I've never heard of at prices I can afford. No, they aren't paying me to shop here or tell you about it. It's just my dirty pleasure. I managed to snag an awesome fleece zip-up for less than $20 a month or so ago.

Most recently I bought some awesome socks. They have great deals every now-and-again. This month they had a free $15 credit. With that bonus, I managed to score 3 pairs of socks I was oogling. That deal tipped me over the edge to purchase and I managed to get them for $12 for 3 pairs including shipping. Totally worth it in my opinion considering these typically run about $10-$20 per pair - Merry Christmas to me! Bonus feature? These socks are made in America AND here in Wisconsin. Who knew!? I love hearing of these brands I've never heard of. And the quality of these is impeccable - Fox River Socks.

It's amazing how good it feels to have new and fun socks. If you are looking for an ideas to add to your Christmas list? I know this year I was struggling. There is nothing I need which I'm so grateful for. Remember when you were a kid and socks were the last thing you would ever want to add to your list? Who knew they bring me so much joy today :)

Hope you are finding joy in your Holiday so far!


  1. LOL...i ordered the same socks and love them!

    1. I know! It's amazing how nice socks can make your day :)


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