Monday, January 21, 2013

The Secret to Life :: Balance

It has been quite a while since I have blogged as frequent as I would like! I came into some freelance design work (which I was thrilled about - great timing to make some extra mullah for the wedding!) and that has taken up all my free-time. I know we all try to juggle 'it all' now-a-days, but if there's one secret I've learned in life it's a life of balance. "Too much of a good thing" good or bad can be very evident in life now today... I believe in work-hard, but also believe in playing and resting hard as well.

With Graphic design, I feel at times like I have have my closest and personal relationship with my computers. First, during the day with my desktop at work, and then right when I got home I would again jump on my laptop and begin clicking constantly into the evening until it was time to head to bed. Chad was very good at helping me out by making dinners or doing the dishes so I could squeeze in a bit more time here-and-there. I had a defined deadline, so keeping on task and not getting behind was very important in the large task that I was given. As much as I love my machines, I really relish the time I am able to get away from them.

Thought the past few months it has definitely made me think about how grateful I am that I learned how to be disciplined and good at scheduling my time. Back in school, I was the total opposite; leaving projects until the ultimate last minute. I think those experiences traumatized me enough to want to plan ahead and stay on task when trying to achieve an ultimate goal. It doesn't come without procrastination here-and-there, still, but now I even slot for those breaks in order to keep my sanity.

Now that my most recent project is finished, I've been really enjoying the time away from my computer. I have even buried my cell phone more than normal - avoiding social media, contact and other technology if I can help it. Ironically enough, I'm now cuddling up with my kindle reading some books I've been dying to read. Hence the great fulfillment of balance has returned.

Working out is another area that is a great example where balance is needed. Before my project I was on a great schedule for working out - attending classes at least 3 times a week. Since the holidays, I took a bit of a hiatus due to travel, being sick, and just wanting to break from the normal schedule. It's been a great run, but even though I really relish laying around all day doing nothing but watching tv and reading, I definitely notice a change in the quality of my energy and sleep. Next week begins getting back into the routine again. I have a major goal that is leering over me so I need to start taking the initial steps to achieving it. The break has been great because I've really gotten to enjoy it and didn't let myself feel guilty for laying around. That's pretty tough to do - isn't it?

Eating is another huge area that I struggle with balance. Especially during the holidays - there is so much decadent and indulgent food just lying there for you to in-hail... and I did! It was amazing - my major vices were shrimp and cocktail sauce, chips-and-dip, and the wonderful meals our families provided. Now, I'm back to working more of the nutritional food... veggies and such, but in the cold weather I crave comfort foods like mad. Mac-n-cheese, or mashed potatoes - I haven't been regulating what I eat, but more-so how much. That seems to really work for me so I don't feel deprived. But getting back on track is not easy. It is a little-by-little battle for sure (difficult for the impatient, like me)!

Finally, my hiatus from posting on this blog is up! I have lots planned in the coming months and lots to clue you in on regarding the wedding. We have made most of the major decisions so far - Reception location, Ceremony location, the family has been asked, dresses have been ordered. While I don't want to reveal the details (in anticipation for the big day) I can tell you some cool things I've learned along the way. Also, I've been doing design work that I've been meaning to share on here.

So, here's to lots of different posts to come! Remember - it's ok to say no to certain things in your life for periods of time and not feel guilty about it. No one can do everything and do it all well (without being miserable). Well, maybe Martha Stewart, but I like the imperfect and don't feel like I have to put on a show or impress others. I do it because I like it and I like to; if that changes, so will my motivation. Plus, when you take on too much you really sacrifice quality. I'd much rather do less things well, than have it all be half-@$$ed! Balance - such a simple concept and yet how easily we stray!

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