Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY :: Wedding Card Box, Part 2

Here is the second part to how to create a Wedding Card Box. If you missed the first part follow this link.

 photo 6B815B35-ECF9-44DA-9203-3A4090C9449E-4282-0000024A417D60D5.jpg
Going into the decorating portion of the Card box, I knew I wanted to use ribbon and the fabric that I used to cover the box. I decided to create flowers from the fabric so I cut the petals out at different sizes to layer. They were pretty floppy and flat so I sent Chad out for some starch. I have never used starch so this was a portion of the project that I definitely was 'winging it' on.

 photo F154CBC4-5BAD-4B5D-8B88-3DF9DA783416-4282-0000024ACF3003C9.jpg photo 6B4DE4E6-5165-4212-A7DB-4E8EF6A1A1D9-4282-0000024A370B9044.jpg

My plan was to put the petals on stacks of coins so they would have some dimension and shape. I was concerned that the ink from the paper would wipe off onto the petals - which it did on some - so I recommend doing this on a non-inked material. The starch calls for you to iron, but in this case that isn't an option because I didn't really want the petals to be flat. On first try I didn't saturate the fabric enough, so it didn't get very stiff. I ended up totally drenching all of them and leaving them to dry overnight. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they did dry and were stiff enough to hold shape, but were still a bit soft-looking.

 photo E3DD6108-B77B-4FFC-9A5F-BE6BCDF0434D-4282-0000024A47694511.jpg

 photo EDFECA46-63C2-43DA-8544-C0E3A5747CE0-4282-0000024A4D4DC0C0.jpg

Once I had the flowers how I liked them, I sewed about 5 stitches through them to make sure the petals wouldn't spin and shift. I completed them with a bit of the darker ribbon - sort of like leaves, and added the bling to the center. It was helpful to use tools like tweezers and the scissors. I am definitely the worlds worst glue gun aficionado... I generally come away with my fingers numb and burnt from the hot glue. Also, the stringy web-like glue that always seems to trail off from where I adhere the glue is always hanging around. I go crazy trying to get that fine strands off my hands or my project... the tweezers and scissors really help do the trick because it seems to really want to stick to my clumsy hands. Oh, the things we do for a project!

 photo 874CA88F-55E6-4BD3-987C-0E3FA0D28C64-4282-0000024A5B4B3A0B.jpg

I mad the mistake of lining the placement of these flowers up with the top of the box, which I thought was how I had left it. Little did I know that Chad took the cover off and re-positioned it, so the back seam was not centered as I had originally planned! Not a huge deal, but he got a little razzing from me over that one ;)

 photo 2F62EDAE-ED39-4EF5-82C4-FCF17A64B81B-4282-0000024A55FCFF96.jpg

I'm very happy with the over-all design of it. It's simple and sheek, but the flowers give it a bit of fun aspect :) Not bad for spending about $30 vs $100 they are going for on Etsy. Plus - its something else checked off my list so I'm definitely a happy girl! :)

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