Thursday, March 14, 2013

Workout :: Boost Your Bootie

My soon-to-be brother-in-law recommended that I start posting about my workouts more. Generally, I tend to make it to the gym about 3-times a week. But, now that I'm going to have to be photographed in a wedding dress I have been trying to step it up. Group workouts are my workout of choice because they are:

A. more fun - which means they are easier to get to
B. more dynamic - you never are bored because it's constantly different
C. they push you harder than you would on your own

Problem is, by the time I get home - I've already forgotten what we did in class so trying to share what we did has not really happened. I finally got smart and asked our instructor to email me our workouts, so I'll start to post more about what torture (that we pay for, mind you) we are being put through. ;)

This workout comes from Jessica. She amazes me because in her classes we generally are standing in the same place for the whole class, but somehow I end up burning more way more calories than normal! For today's workout I unfortunately did not have my heart rate monitor on so I'm not sure how much I burned. For future I'll let you know - I generally tend to burn between 400-600 calories for 1 hour of class. Keep in mind - this is really relative to each person.

Today was not a cardio workout. It actually seemed very easy; it was slower, with simple movements, but there were a ton of reps. This workout definitely focuses on your lower half and would be a great one if you are traveling and needing to work out in a limited space. Please try and let me know what you think! I anticipate my tush being pretty sore for the next couple days.

Warm Up:
high knees
butt kicks
toe touches
zombie walks
low sideways squats

Do 25 of each exercise through each set.
Repeat set 3 times before moving onto next set.

(Use a weight if you have it for this set)
single leg dead-lift (25 each leg - keep the weight close to your chest to protect your back)
lunges (25 each leg)

rocket jumps
mountain climbers (25 each leg)
lunge jumps (25 each leg)

squat hops
pushups (10)

ski abs or ski lunges (25 each leg)

plank single leg lift (25 each leg)
side plank leg lift (25 each leg)

hip flexors

Oh! Also, I've been tracking my diet on an app called LoseIt. I LOVE this app (by the way, it's also fully online so if you don't have a smart phone you can still use this). It's really great because I hate spending a lot of time to keep track of calories, but if I want to drop a couple pounds this is really the best way for me to do that.

This app has a wonderful feature where you can scan your food to track it. Also, if you go out to eat, there are a lot of restaurant foods also included on it. If you want to become my friend via LoseIt, just search for me under cjanedo - I am in there as 'Jane cjanedo'. It definitely is much easier to have a healthy lifestyle when you surround yourself with people who have the same habits! I know... this is easier said, than done... for me it is a constant challenge to make good, healthy choices. Especially living in Madison, WI where there are so many wonderful restaurants - most of which specialize in my favorites like fish fry's, cheese curds, cheeseburgers, beer.... it makes it difficult. So here is to moderation, moving, and making great choices!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wedding Invitations... Initial Developments

I have hit the toughest part of the planning for my wedding - the invitations. I want to do these myself... graphic design is what I do for my day job and it would be dumb not to. But, because it is mine, I've come to a point where I have a sort of writers block for designers! There are so many ways to go about it... and yet, they are wedding invites. What really can you do? Especially when you don't want to spend a lot of money. Time to get creative!

Oh sure, if the budget were unlimited, I could do this ridiculous creation of a package inviting closest friends and family... Maybe incorporate trinkets or a container of some sort (I love containers.) Even if I had an abundance of money I think I'd rather spend the time and resources planning a vacation and traveling somewhere instead of spending it on the invites. As a designer, I agree that it's crazy to spend a ton of money on wedding invites. Kind of like people who spend top dollar on Christmas wrapping paper. Such a waste in my opinion.

On the flip side - I really want my invites to be amazing. Not so much with design (well, ok, that's a lie. Of course I want the design to totally rock) but more-so with emulating Chad and I and our choosing to spend our lives together. That is what we try to have drive all our choices for the so far. What will make it special to us? We can try and make things to make our day seem the coolest to others, but really the most important thing is, "Is this really celebrating us on our wedding day."

I have to say, one of the best things I did was create the inspiration board. When we go and visit vendors, it is so great to give them our vision in this way. The colors, the textures, the feel: it's all there. A picture really is worth a thousand words. The other great thing about this board is it's limited. Anymore than a few pictures and it can confuse the people you are working with. As a designer I see this all the time. Contradictory criticism can be the toughest thing when trying to create for someone. Having a focus and knowing what you want really helps the whole wedding process go much easier (unless whatever you want is out of your budget - but that's a whole other problem.)

Back to the wedding invites. I really didn't know where to go with them! How do you emulate two people with type and paper but still have them be simple and beautiful? It would be easy to go overboard and draw a lot of images and filigree. Well, not easy, but I am stepping back and asking what really is our wedding about? Chad and I together... And our wedding... it's in Madison - the place where we met and came together and love together.

I have decided to go with a design that is very layered with many textures they bring such depth. Our color pallet has been chosen, but I wanted to keep it simple, beautiful and elegant. At the same time, Madison is something that we want to bring in somehow. I have chosen to research the different architectural details from the buildings around town (ie. the Capitol, and Memorial Union where our reception is being held.) I want to really add those gorgeous details that have been such a part of our life. Since both of us our designers it only seems fitting to celebrate that fact with the design. Also, I want to bring in pears somehow. They are the color for our wedding - plus I love that Chad and I are the 'perfect pear' even though that is as cheesy as you can get. I guess that's ok, since we are from Wisconsin. We are cheese-heads, aren't we? May as well embrace that fact!

Oh, one last note. If I ever have a question about what to choose - say, for instance, the shape of our cake... it has been helpful to come back to my favorite places to draw inspiration from: my ring and my wedding dress. I feel like they both are perfect for me and I couldn't imagine choosing anything else for their designs to fit me. Brides - if you get those two things, really base your other decisions with how they fit with your ring and dress design. You can't go wrong!

I'm sorry that I don't have pictures to share with you. To be honest - I haven't actually designed the invites yet. But I wanted to share with you the direction and inspiration that I have driving my design. Please know that great design and logos are not easy. They have hours of thought, development, and research behind them. There is lots of reasoning in almost every aspect along with hours of sketching and frustration. People who believe a great logo can be derived in an hour really doesn't understand what it takes to really have a great logo. That being said - I have created logos quickly, but I wouldn't say that they have all that much depth nor are they that timeless. But, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I hope you return because I WILL be posting once I have the design done. In my head they look amazing - now I just need to get them on paper :)
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