Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cheers to New Opportunities in our Lives!

Yes, posts have been lacking with this blog - thanks so much for hanging in there and being patient! This blog started with my personal challenge of carrying out a goal each year; this year is no different. My goal was to find a new career opportunity for the year of 2014, a decision that did not come lightly. I have been fortunate to not only work for the University of Wisconsin - Madison, an institution I've always felt a personal connection to given Madison is my home. But, more specifically I work with the Wisconsin Union - technically classified as the "Division of Social Education" within the University.

My time with the Wisconsin Union has been one that, when looking back on it, brings me a lot of pride and joy. It is a place that I have visited since an early age. There really is no other place like the Memorial Union Terrace - a Wisconsin landmark and 'must-see' location for anyone coming to Madison. The Union prides itself on creating 'experiences for a lifetime' and my personal story is mapped right inline with that statement.

The challenge of selling joy and experiences is not a tough sell; the opportunity to have this as a job focus is really an incredible opportunity. I'm pleasantly surprised with the relationships that I have shared and now hold very dear from my time with the Union. The people really are remarkable and hardworking, and passion is abundant. Many have come and gone in my time working there, but real longevity comes from the personal connection that is held to this unique organization. Every single role holds many hats; the consistent challenge is to be extremely flexible and ever-changing due to the commitment to student involvement and the constantly changing roles they carry with limited-term employment.

There was never a dull moment with the Union - between the Memorial Union and Union South we have been under construction the entire time I've worked there. It was within my first month that they began dozing Union South, which has since rebuilt and opened. The Memorial Union is currently under rehabilitation and will gear up for two major phases of re-openings in the coming years.

It was not an easy decision to continue on with the next opportunity/chapter in my life. This was the place I have worked for the past five years, the place where my wedding reception was held, the place I have many memories with friends and family at many phases of my life. I will greatly miss working closely with a staff that has become my daytime family. Fortunately, I'm not going far away and can continue to visit often. The summer is the opportune time to visit the Terrace and you can bet I will continue to stopover as much as I can. I'm so grateful to be able to say "I worked for the Wisconsin Union." It is a time in my life I will always hold very dear. Thanks to all the people who work there who have become such an important part of my life!

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