Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pizza's Easy to Make, Right?

I've been meaning to try the Trader Joe's Whole Wheat pizza dough they have prepared for some time now. Finally, I broke down and bought it along with their pizza sauce (it was right next to it.) The challenge when making your own pizza is getting all the ingredients; Chad and I seem to love loading pizza's up like the kitchen sink! 

We ended up agreeing on pepperoni, sausage, black olives, green olives, mushrooms and red onion. We also used cheddar cheese and mozzarella (but definitely more mozzarella since cheddar doesn't melt all that well.) Here you see how loaded the pizza is! The dough doesn't actually stretch all that easily nor well. I don't have a rolling pin, so I used a plastic cup to try and roll out the dough. I managed to get it pretty round by rolling at about a 45 degree angle to the edge. I could't roll at 90 degrees because our round pan has a lip that kept me from rolling any closer to the side.

I do have a pizza secret that I came up with in college. Being the self-proclaimed Papa Murphy's pizza cooking master that I am, I can let you know that the best way to cook any pizza (even frozen) is to broil it at the end. What it does is magically puffs up the cheese while leaving it that golden-brown and cooked to perfection. Do not walk away when you broil because it cooks really fast so you need to stand there with the oven open watching it get to your perfect shade of done.

The Pizza cooked fairly easily. We had so many ingredient on it that it probably had to cook about 18-20 minutes once all was said and done. One issue I had was that it stuck to our pan. Not sure if this pan isn't the greatest, or that I didn't spray it with enough non-stick spray? But the crust also was a bit too thin to really hold up to our toppings. Next time I think the secret would be 'less is more'.

 Also, for the sausage - we jumped right in and started throwing raw sausage on the pizza. Then, we second-guessed ourselves and pulled it all off to pre-cook in a pan. That worked out really well AND we could drain the sausage of it's grease a bit before putting it on the pizza.

It's really tough not to make a decent pizza in my opinion; More-so, the tough part is making a pizza that makes people want to stand up and say, "wow"! We didn't succeed - the green olives really overtook the flavor of the pizza and this crust/dough probably would have been much happier with only 2-3 toppings instead of our multitude. Until next time... I think over-all this pizza extravaganza was good; now what flavor should we try next time?
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